About me

I am a senior student who major in cognitive science and statistic in Xiamen University, China. This summer, I had a intership in computational photography group at SenseTime tech. Next year, I will go to TBSI for a master degree in Computational Photography.


  • B.E. in Cognitive Science, Xiamen University, 2019
  • B.S. in Statistic(Minor), Xiamen University, 2019

Research experience

  • Information and Computer Science Department in University of California, Irvine 2017.6 – 2017.9
    • Supervisor: Prof. Harris
    • Topic: highly off-axis head mounted pupil tracking algorithm: Tracking pupil center in the head mounted near infrared image sequence for gaze estimation or other perceptual researches. And the Pixel-wise error is required to be less than 5 pixel.
    • Contribution: Our method achieved state-of-art in accuracy.arxiv
  • Media Analytics and Computing Lab of Xiamen University 2017.9 – Present
    • Supervisor: Prof. Rongrong Ji, Ph.D. candidate Shaohui Lin
    • Topic: Network Quantization: Using low-bit fix-point representation for it’s acceleration and compression.
    • Contribution:
      • Read related publications and finished a review report.(in Chinese)pdf
      • Reduplicated two representative papers.project
      • Wrote a note about the mistake found in a NIPS paperpdf
    • Quantized neural network suffer from inaccurate and biased gradient when trained with BP algorithm, and I am working on this through knowledge distillation and transfer learning.
  • SenseTime Research, Shenzhen 2018.6 – 2018.9
    • Supervisor: Dr. Qiong Yan
    • Topic: Neural network quantization for mobile device: Improve inference speed of network in integer-only DSP unit for image argumentation.
    • Responsibility: Designed special mechanism for linear interpolation that further improving the speed without loss on performance.

Honors and Awards

  • National Scholarship(0.2%)
  • Lotus Foundation Scholarship(1%)
  • Dean’s Honor List(5%)
  • National 2nd Prize, Award on National Artificial Intelligence Design Competition
  • Meritorious Winner, Award on Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling
  • Regional 3rd Prize, Award on China-US Young Maker Competition


  • I write some blogs about neural network technique here(in Chinese).
  • There are some interesting course projects are hosted on GitHub.